Ways to Give

New Hope Center for Grief Support is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) charitable organization which relies on individual and community support. We receive no state or federal funding. Donations are tax deductible and will allow New Hope to continue to support bereaved individuals who seek our services in the future. You can help by contributing in a variety of ways.

A Gift of Hope

This little grief book is packed with helpful information. It's a great gift for someone who has recently lost a loved one. The cost is only $1 and can be purchased by calling New Hope. This book was made possible by Deb Bonde in memory of her daughter, Anna.

Gifts of Cash

Cash donations can be made online, through electronic funds transfer, by mail or in person. You can make a one-time donation or a monthly pledge. You can also specify your donation to be a memorial or for a special occasion. Please click on Donation Form to make secure online or mail-in contributions.

Sustaining Members

Sustaining members are donors who support New Hope by making monthloy contributions of $25 (Bronze), $50 (Silver) or $100 (Gold) through electronic funds transfer. These donations provide a steady stream of predictable income. Please call or e-mail our office and ask to have a form sent or e-mailed to you.

Memorials and Tributes

Many people choose to memorialize a loved one who has died or honor someone on a special occasion by making a donation to New Hope. A letter is sent to the family of the deceased loved one or to the honoree acknowledging your gift. Some have even asked for donations to be made to New Hope in honor of their own special occasion such as a wedding.

In-Kind Gifts

In-kind gifts may be used for silent auctions for fundraising, or items that we need for the operation of New Hope services. Possibilities for silent auction donations include tickets for airline travel, concerts or sporting events; travel packages for lodging and meals for two or more; adventure opportunities such as skiing, horseback riding, ballooning, golf, or spa treatments. Items that can be used for the operation of New Hope include services such as printing or graphic design, beverages such as soft drinks or bottled water. Just about anything used in an office is also welcomed - copy paper, toner, ink pens, file folders, name tags, postage, labels, etc.


Many companies, both retail and commercial, offer small grant monies that are fairly easy to apply for. The key is to know what is available and sometimes just to have that “connection” so that New Hope can be introduced. If you know of a company that might accept an application for funding from us, please let us know. Please call Tim at New Hope Center with any information or questions that you have regarding this.

United Way Giving & Matching Funds

October is the time that many companies ask employees to make a contribution to the United Way. Many people don't know that they can designate a local charity to be the recipient of their United Way contribution. If you'd like New Hope Center for Grief Support to receive your donation, check with your Human Resource Department to see what you need to do, then let us know so that we can add you to our list of United Way contributors. Another way that some of you can double your contribution to New Hope is to request that your employer match your tax-deductible gift to us. Many employers have matching gift programs, but few employees actually take advantage of this opportunity.

Donate Items from our Wish List

Please take a look at our Wish List in this section of our webpage.

Church Support

You can help New Hope by talking to your church leaders and encouraging them to support New Hope by providing monthly or yearly funding to support our programs. Churches can also sponsor grief workshops and seminars as an outreach into the community.

New Hope Legacy Fund

At some point, every non-profit organization has to make some big decisions about its future. As part of this decision making process, in 2009, New Hope established the New Hope Legacy Fund as a way for doonors to give charitable dollas more effectively.
When considering this fund there are five important questions to ask yourself:
  1. Will you be giving your family a estate tax?
  2. Are you planning to sell real estate?
  3. Are you planning to sell a business?
  4. Are you planning to give money to a charity upon your death?
  5. Do you have more than enough income to support your current lifestyle?

Your Will

Your will is the perfect place to remember New Hope Center for Grief Support. After you have taken care of your final expenses and your family, you may want to designate that a specific amount or a percentage of your estate go to New Hope. This will enable us to continue providing grief support services to families like yours who are grieving. Your donation can be cash, which is always acceptable. However, a possible tax advantage to you and to us would be donations of your appreciated stock. In other words, stock that has gone up in value is a great way for you to make a donation.
You bought some stock for $1,000 several years ago. Today it is worth $5,000. Instead of selling your stock for $5,000, paying the capital gains tax on the proceeds, you could donate the stock directly to New Hope. By doing this, you would get a tax deduction for the fair market value of the stock of $5,000, not what you paid for the stock. You would not pay any income tax and you would get a $5,000 income tax deduction. Therefore, if you were in a 35% tax bracket, you would net $1,750.
NOTE: This explanation is intended for explanation purposes only. Actual tax savings may vary depending on income level and tax bracket. Always consult you tax advisor. New Hope has a brokerage account to accept stock donations. By donating stock, a donor can usually deduct the fair market value of the stock from their personal taxes.

Online Shopping

Do you like to Shop?? Or are there things you need, but you hate going to the mall or don't have time? Did you know that you can shop from home and help New Hope Center for Grief Support at the same time? Click on to www.igive.com/newhope and register your name with igive.com. Follow the directions and, each time you shop, go to igive.com and check out the 400+ stores that participate by contributing a percentage of their sales to New Hope through igive.com.
It costs you no additional money and New Hope gets a percentage of the purchase price! Some of the stores that participate include: Marshall Field's, the Gap, Lands' End, JCPenney, Best Buy, and Coldwater Creek. Some recently ordered replacement contacts through a discount contact lens company and booked a flight through Expedia.com (for a great rate) and each of these purchases benefited New Hope. Please contact our office to get more details on how to help at 248-348-0115.

Buying or Selling Your Home Could Benefit NEW HOPE

Mary McLeod of RE/MAX Gallery:
Direct Line: 248-477-2006
Pager: 313-990-7649
Fax: 248-477-8139 or 1-800-508-9119
* Anne Patterson of Coldwell Bankers Preferred can be reached at 734-718-9800. Both of these supporters donate 20% of their commission to New Hope.

Charity Motors

Ready to get rid of that old car? Donate your used car to Charity Motors and select New Hope Center for Grief Support to receive 70% of the proceeds from the sale. To date we have received nearly $15,000 from the donation of vehicles. Let your friends and family know about this opportunity to support us in such a valuable way. Vehicles need not run … Free timely pick-up … IRS forms provided … 100% tax deductible. Call Charity Motors at 313-255-1000 and designate New Hope Center for Grief Support as your charity.
Please be sure to notify New Hope Center with the date donated, make, model, year of vehicle and Charity Motors ID number so we can keep track of your donation.

Innovative Ways to Help New Hope!

  • If you notice a new restaurant, ice cream or coffee shop – let us know so that we can ask them if they would consider having a “Grand Opening” celebration to benefit New Hope.
  • Check with your company to see if they have a “Matching Gifts” program. Many businesses will match their employee’s donations to a charitable organization which will double the benefit to New Hope!
  • Check with your company to see if they will do a “Charity Jeans Day”. On a specific Friday, staff members who wish to participate can wear jeans to work. For this privilege, they will donate $5 to a charitable organization such as New Hope. A variation of this idea would be to allow employees to wear their Michigan or Michigan State colors on the Friday before the big game!

eBay-Mission Fish

WHen you sell something on e-Bay, you can designate a portion of your proceeds to a charity - New Hope. Go to this link to register.

You Can Be A FUNDraiser too!

Assisting with New Hope Center’s fundraising activities is a tremendous assistance to our organization. Whether raising $100 or $25,000, every penny is precious in the mission of New Hope to reach out to all who grieve.

Kroger Community Rewards-It only Takes 5 Minutes to Sign up!

To register your Kroger Plus Card with New Hope go on-line at www.krogercommunityrewards.com. Click on Sign in/Register To the far right under the New Customer column click Sign Up Today Find the “preferred store” closest to you. Enter your zip code and select the store. Enter your email address and password- at the bottom of page-click confirm Once you agree to terms, Kroger will send you an email Go to your email inbox and click on the link within the body of the email to confirm your account Click on “my account” and use your email address and password to proceed Scroll down to “Edit Kroger Community Rewards” and input your Kroger plus card number and click “save changes” Go to #1 and then enter the NPO# for New Hope 84667- save changes. To verify you are enrolled, New Hope should appear as your community rewards recipient on the right side of the information page.
*Some items are excluded from the this program such as alcohol and tobacco

Any questions, please call Tim Cassidy at 248-348-0115 or email him at Tim@newhopecenter.net