June 2018

Karen Rowland Keier


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Karen Rowland Keier, 78, of Novi MI, formerly of Southfield MI, passed peacefully with her husband and two children by her side on January 15, 2017. 

She was born on June 14, 1938 to the late Henry and Mildred Rowland in Gary, Indiana. She was the beloved wife of Richard Keier for over 48 years; loving mother of Kathryn Rios (Antonio) of Alexandria, VA and Gregory Keier (Lindsay) of Towson, MD; proud grandmother of Antonio, Isabel, & Sofia Rios and Simone & Genevieve Keier; sister of Barbara Martin (Larry) of Hobart, IN and the late Joan Pugh (the late Joseph) of Munster, IN; aunt and great aunt of many nieces and nephews. 

Karen received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Education from Indiana University. Her passion for teaching came from her family where her father was a principal and her sister Barbara was a teacher. Karen taught in the Birmingham Public Schools for 26 years, including Meadow Lake, Pembroke, and Harlan Elementary Schools as a remedial reading teacher and a first grade teacher. 

Karen was always involved in every aspect of their children’s lives. She served on the PTA, as a brownie leader, and as a Sunday school teacher.  Karen was an avid reader, loved knitting, enjoyed book club, traveling, and anything to do with her grandchildren. She served as a Deacon in the Presbyterian Church, a member and officer of AAUW, Delta Kappa Gamma, Birmingham Senior Women’s and PEO.  

She and her husband traveled to most of the United States from Alaska to Key West and from Maine to Hawaii. They also traveled to Spain, many of the Caribbean Islands, Panama, and the San Blas Islands. They enjoyed a European River Cruise from Vienna to Amsterdam plus time with friends in Frankfurt Germany. Many of these trips were with lifelong friends. One of her favorite trips was a two week tour of Ireland and Northern Ireland with longtime friends from Southfield Presbyterian Church. 

Karen loved the annual summer vacations to Deep Creek Lake, MD with all 11 members of her immediate family where her favorite activities were reading in the sun and watching her grandchildren play together. She also had wonderful annual trips with friends to Bay View, Higgins Lake, and Tamarack Lodge on Grand Traverse Bay. For many years Karen and Richard were part of a Thursday night gathering of friends from Southfield Presbyterian Church. 

Her kind spirit and ability to make people smile made her many lifelong friends. She will be deeply missed by all who were blessed to cross her path.  


Brenda Kern


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Brenda was born in Massachusetts on May 12, 1959, and moved throughout the United States as a child. Her quick smile and warm personality allowed her to make lifelong friends at every stop along the way. Brenda and I were married in August 1982, and blessed with the birth of our daughter Kristen in 1984. Brenda suffered from Lupus, an autoimmune disease, for over 20 years, and was no stranger to doctors, tests, and hospitals over that time. An engineer by education, she was creative, artistic, and loved to work with children – in retrospect, she probably should have been a teacher. Her Lupus symptoms kept her from working full-time most of her adult life, but it did not slow her down from volunteering and serving in the community. She loved sports (especially the Detroit Tigers), played golf, enjoyed cooking, and had many cups of coffee with friends. She was always up for a Dairy Queen Peanut Buster Parfait! Brenda was an incredibly strong, brave, and positive person, and was always concerned with the needs of others. She was a wonderful mother, and would have loved to have been a Grandma to her 2 grandchildren. Brenda was a woman of strong faith, who loved Jesus with all her heart, all her mind, all her soul, and all her strength.


Brenda was diagnosed with Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in May 2007. Brenda went through chemotherapy and was thought to be in remission in November of that year. Unfortunately, her cancer returned “with a vengeance” in January 2008. Brenda received a bone marrow transplant in April 2008, which had a “1 in 3” chance of success. She developed severe complications. After a nearly two-month struggle following the transplant, she passed away peacefully on June 14, 2008. She touched hundreds of lives during her time here on earth, and we are comforted knowing that she is at home with Jesus in heaven today.

With love,

Rich Kern and Kristen (Kern) Stoner



May 2018

Frank Joseph Swierlik

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My husband Frank was the man that everyone loved.  He was an incredible husband, father, and friend to all.  We shared 34 years of marriage and were blessed with our two sons, Ryan and Garrett.  Frank was always the life of the party and one of the kindest men you would ever meet.  Adventurous, loved travel. a prankster and a blessing to all who encountered him.  We miss his laughter, sense of humor and great insightful conversations every day.  Frank lived by the words "No Regrets".  His 58 years on this earth were way to short.

After graduating from Wayne State, Frank attended the police academy and became a police officer for the Wayne County Sheriff's Office.  We married one year after his graduation.  Frank was a very hard working, extremely bright man.  After a few years on the force, Frank went into business for himself, a wonderful blessing for our family.  Frank was always intrigued with metals and the recycling business, he followed his passion into building his own family business.  He truly loved going to work every day.

Frank and I met on a coed volleyball team in the basement of Henry Ford Hospital.  35 years later, I lost Frank at the very same hospital to a freak slip & fall accident.  We almost lost him 6 ½ years earlier to a gunshot wound from an attempted robbery.  He then made it his mission to teach his sons to take over the business he worked so hard to build.  As awful as that shooting was, nothing went unsaid between us, knowing how quickly life can be taken from us.  Thankfully, God gave us those years together before his fatal accident.  

We love and miss you Frank  every single day, Kathy

December 2017

Stephen K. Rowley II

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Born December 2, 1936, my father grew up in Bellaire, Ohio. He was the son of an engineer and school teacher, in a blue-collar part of Ohio. His mother and father divorced while he was still in middle school and he moved to Pompano Beach, Florida with his father, while his sister, Pat, stayed with his mother in Ohio. After high school he joined the United States Air Force to get college funding via the G.I. Bill. Steve attended Ohio University where he earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. It was during this time that he met and married my mother, Joyce Ann. Steve was hired by Ford Motor’s Body Engineering division. He held this job until his retirement in 1994. He acquired a couple of patents for latch mechanisms – one of which I still see on current model Econoline van windows. He was a key player in development of Ford’s Electric “Moon Roof” programs. My father was at times fun loving, and other times a stern task master. When we were little, he loved to get down on the floor and let my sister and me climb all over him. He enjoyed driving cars and motorcycles fast, and in the 70’s he gave himself the CB handle “Lead Foot”! He was active in Cub Scouts and together we built many pinewood derby cars. He taught me a lot of woodworking and mechanic skills at an early age, which served me well in Jr. High Wood Shop, and has helped to make me “handy” throughout life. He was a perfectionist, who held himself to a high standard, and expected the same of his son. He taught me that it’s better to “keep your mouth shut and appear stupid, then to open it and remove all doubt.” This philosophy stuck with me and has served me well in my career. My father had many hobbies that he was deeply involved in. Most notably he was a numismatist – a collector and dealer of coins and paper money, a field he enjoyed success and recognition in. Coin shows became a staple of our family’s weekends for much of the 70’s and 80’s. His other hobbies included sailing, black powder guns, pocket knives, early computing (Commodore 64, etc.) and kites. Unfortunately, my father picked up one habit that would be his downfall – smoking. On various occasions he tried to kick the habit, but every time it got the better of him. For most of his adult life he smoked two packs of Pall Mall Reds a day. His retirement was primarily due to the difficulty he was having with Peripheral Arterial Disease (thank you American Tobacco Co.). On September 4, 1996 he died. With regret, he never had a chance to meet his grandsons, the first of whom was born in 1998.

November 2017

Linda Kartes

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Laughter and tears, joy and sorrow.

Anyone who has deeply loved someone who has passed, has experienced these emotions.

I met the love of my life, Linda Kartes, on a blind date.  We met in November, her birth month.  We celebrated the day we met as an important anniversary, for we both fell in love that night.

Linda was full of life, with this special, beautiful, welcoming smile and laughter.  You met her once and felt like you had known and loved her for years. 

We had a wonderful, fun, happy, marriage.  Years later, we realized she was ill the whole time.  Linda’s last four years were brutal, but she hung in, trying hard to get better.  Her disease eventually took everything but her love of me from her.

I thank God we had each other as long as we did.

Thank you to New Hope for this opportunity to honor my loving wife, Linda.

With love,
Alan Walthall

October 2017

Hannah Rose Doody

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Our daughter Hannah Rose Doody was a phenomenal child. In her short 7

years she made a huge impact on the world around her. She had a way of

making everyone feel special and she lived life to the fullest!

Hannah had a great love and passion for animals…you name it, she has

every type of stuffed animal and begged us to get a cat, a dog or even a

turtle, however we finally settled on bunny named, Snowball.

Hannah was very spunky and willing to try out any new adventure that came

her way. She loved gymnastics, soccer, dance and music and seemingly most things came natural to her.

Hannah knew how to love and made those around her feel very special. As a matter of fact, many of her classmates shared that Hannah was their “best friend” and her Kindergarten teacher commented that she could always count on Hannah for a BIG HUG.

Hannah’s love did not stop there, she loved the Lord! She was bold about her faith and enjoyed attending our church, singing in the choir and praying for her teachers, friends and family.

We miss Hannah tremendously but we know in her short years on this earth,

she embraced life to its fullest and helped us see life in a whole new light.

Hannah made us very proud and her spirit lives in our hearts forever.

With Love,

The Doody Family



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