Hannah Rose Doody

2017 Angels of Hope - New Hope Center for Grief Support - hannah2IMG_8232_5x7_yearbook

Our daughter Hannah Rose Doody was a phenomenal child. In her short 7

years she made a huge impact on the world around her. She had a way of

making everyone feel special and she lived life to the fullest!

Hannah had a great love and passion for animals…you name it, she has

every type of stuffed animal and begged us to get a cat, a dog or even a

turtle, however we finally settled on bunny named, Snowball.

Hannah was very spunky and willing to try out any new adventure that came

her way. She loved gymnastics, soccer, dance and music and seemingly most

things came natural to her.

Hannah knew how to love and made those around her feel very special. As a

matter of fact, many of her classmates shared that Hannah was their “best

friend” and her Kindergarten teacher commented that she could always

count on Hannah for a BIG HUG.

Hannah’s love did not stop there, she loved the Lord! She was bold about her

faith and enjoyed attending our church, singing in the choir and praying for

her teachers, friends and family.

We miss Hannah tremendously but we know in her short years on this earth,

she embraced life to its fullest and helped us see life in a whole new light.

Hannah made us very proud and her spirit lives in our hearts forever.

With Love,

The Doody Family