Grief Seminars

From Heartbreak to Healing

This is a three hour seminar that provides an understanding to the basics of the grief journey. There are four educational segments, each followed by a group breakout to share your story and connect with others grieving the death of a loved one. 

When:  Saturday, April 21st from 9am to 12:00pm
Where:  Venture Church - 8457 E. Highland Rd., Howell 48843
Call New Hope Office at 248-348-0115 to register or for additional information



Hope for the Holidays

Holidays can be overwhelming after the death of a loved one. Discussion during holiday seminars often includes planning for Thanksgiving/Christmas, but may also include discussion about Mother's/Fathers Day and other challenging special days after a loss.


Finding Your Super Powers

One of the most important things for those who've lost a loved one is to find new meaning and purpose in life. This family seminar is designed to help people find new beginnings in life by using the stories of some of our favorite super heroes to learn how we can use what we've experienced to help others find hope after loss. 


Loss Affects Everyone

Grief is the normal response to a loss; however, the way we each grieve is different based on the type of loss we've experienced: death, divorce, job loss, addiction, long-term illness, change in health. This outreach seminar helps people understand the uniqueness of each person's grief after a loss.