New Hope for Kidz and Teens

Jarod Coke shares his story of how he found New Hope in his life:

Comments from past workshop participants:

"Keep up the good work. The community needs the New Hope Center."
"You and New Hope are certainly a blessing in my life, and I thank God for you."
"You have truly been a blessing to me and to so many other people who have lost a loved one. I pray that you will be able to continue helping the grieving for many years to come."
"New Hope saved my lilfe!  Thank you, New Hope.!"
"My heartfelt thanks to all of you who have helped me cope and endure through this first year of my grief journey. I hesitate to think what shape I would be in today had I not had your center."
"Thanks for being such a great listener and inspiration for us this past year."
"I was sure blessed when God led me to you and New Hope."
"Thank you so much for having such a wonderful workshop!"
"We really appreciate your ministry. It helped both of us tremendously after our son died."
"Thank you for being willing to be used to care for people Jesus wants us to touch."
"You all have loved and helped me so much in my grief. You probably saved my life."
"The workshop was excellent! The support was great. Hearing others with similar grief hardships was instrumental to my own “healing”. The facilitators were wonderful. They gave me hope."
"I loved the group format in the grief workshop. Being with others who had a similar loss helped me so much. We actually talked about our feelings. I couldn’t wait to get there each week. I will recommend this to anyone who loses a loved one."
"The workshop was very informative about the grieving process. It made me feel very “normal” in my grief journey. Thank you for all your help and support!"
"I was very happy there was a breakout group for suicide loss at the grief workshop."
"I would like to thank you for extending your kindness and help to people like me. I continue to read the handouts from the workshop and it helped me a great deal and I continue to go over some segments. I received comfort and support by reading the handbook."
"Thank you so much. I truly enjoyed my group – suicide is so difficult to understand and now I know that I am not alone."

Testimonials from Robert Schaden:

"Grief may be little more than a word for those who have not experienced it. However once it invades our lives the pain is often beyond words. The hole in our hearts feels as though it can never be filled. The loss of a loved one in death can leave us feeling as though our own life is as truly over as that of the person who has died.
But the people at New Hope Center for Grief Support in Northville have shown that there is life on the other side of loss. Theirs is indeed a message of hope for those of us in need of the tools and the support that they offer.
Having worked with grieving people as a priest and as a therapist for over forty-five years, I thought that I had all the tools I needed to navigate the lonely road of grief. However, when my own wife died only nine days after being diagnosed with inoperable cancer I hit a wall. I became a robot. I was lost. My faith took a hit. The pain was unbearable. I could not believe that this woman who was the most real person to ever touch my life was gone from this earth. I was in denial of the most painful kind. Depression, anger and fear greeted me each morning as I awoke. I had read the books. I had counseled others in the throes of loss. I had even given the lectures that others found healing. But now it was my own heart that was broken.
Friends, some of whose spouses I had buried years previously took me by the hand and led me to New Hope. Because New Hope is run by those who have traveled the road of grief themselves I found them immediately as believable as they were comforting and supportive. Unlike others they did not attempt to tell me how I should or should not feel. Rather they took me where I was, helped me to understand in head and in heart what I was experiencing and offered me insights as well as tools to get to a better place.
The lectures given by Cathy Clough and guest lecturers in the eight week series Grief to New Hope, a workshop sponsored by Ward Presbyterian Church, were delivered in such a way that I was able to hear with a different ear even the things that I already knew in my head. The lectures were delivered in a conversational manner that was both practical and sensitive. Each was followed by breakout groups. These were facilitated by others who were further along the healing path of their own grief. I found the groups to be a safe haven of healing. Those who wished to do so were invited to share the stories of their own losses and feelings in ways that helped me to process my own. The groups were formed according to age and type of loss making it easier for us to relate to each other.
I am presently in an ongoing support group, also offered by New Hope at Ward church, in which we choose our own groups based on where we are in this journey from grief to new hope. Hearing what New Hope has done for others has impressed me over the years. Experiencing it for myself is healing me even now.
If you have a friend or a family member who is grieving the loss of a loved one you might want to tell them of this opportunity or even bring them to begin filling the hole in their heart. If it is your own heart that is hurting I encourage you reach out to this haven of healing."