Who We Are


New Hope Center for Grief Support is a 501c3 charitable organization dedicated to bringing hope, healing, and new beginnings to adults and children grieving the death of a loved one. 


Our vision as a bereavement resource center for Southeast Michigan is to see those who've come through our program create a safe, understanding community for others in grief and help change the way our culture responds to grief and loss. We do this through two methods:

1. Direct grief support services

2. Community Outreach, Training, and Practical Resources

Core Values & Beliefs

As a Christian organization, New Hope Center for Grief Support is committed to serving all members of the community with love, courage, and humility. Our program is open to everyone, regardless of beliefs. Our primary purpose is to help people process their grief in a safe environment while staff and volunteers reflect the characteristics of Christ through our actions and service. Key scripture: 2 Corinthians 1:4


New Hope Center for Grief Support was founded in 2000 by Cathy Clough, a woman who had experienced the pain of grief and the challenges of being a young widow raising three kids. As she healed, she found new beginnings in life by supporting countless others of all ages and losses through their own grief journey. Since then, New Hope Center has served thousands of grieving individuals and families throughout Southeast Michigan.


What We Do

Our Program is built on Five Pillars:

  1. Age and loss specific Peer Support
  2. Grief Education built to help understand the uniqueness of each person’s grief journey
  3. Connection to others who’ve experienced loss, including social outings and events
  4. Empowerment of volunteer leaders to guide others along the grief journey
  5. Service opportunities that bring meaning and purpose after loss


How We Do It

In order to effectively execute our mission, New Hope Center offers five core programs:

  1. From Grief to New Hope eight-week workshop (Spring & Fall)
  2. Annual Summer Kids Camp (July)
  3. First Steps early grief support (Ongoing)
    1. Individual Peer Support (Scheduled)
    2. Drop In Support Groups (Suicide, Mixed Group, Teens, Families)
    3. Crisis Support
  4. “Next Step” Peer Support Groups (Ongoing)
    1. Starting Again (Spouse Loss)
    2. Parents of Hope (Child Loss)
  5. Community Outreach & Training (Scheduled)
    1. Beginning the Grief Journey (Adults)
    2. Finding Your Superpowers (Kids & Families)
    3. New Beginnings volunteer training and orientation (Quarterly)

Learn More


2017 was a year of great change for New Hope Center for Grief Support. Every change was made with one goal: to increase our impact in the community. 

See our 2017 Annual Report below:

Opens with: Adobe Acrobat
Opens with: Adobe Acrobat